Six of the best UK vegan blogs

Six of the best UK vegan blogs

Whether you are already living a vegan lifestyle or just interested in putting more plant-based meals into your diet, blogs are a great resource.

We’re always searching for the best voices in health and fitness, to complement the musclemary® ethos of eating clean, lean and vegan.

A vegan diet can require some handy guidance, so we’ve compiled six of our favourite inspiring UK bloggers who post plenty of recipes, tips and more for a happy and healthy plant-based lifestyle.


Naturally Sassy

Ballet dancer Saskia became dairy free after suffering from chronic eczema, and then vegan after a bout of food poisoning several years later. She splits her recipes into useful categories like '60 second snacks' and 'healthy on a budget'. If you like what you see on her blog, she’s also brought out a book ……



Morag, a 25-year-old, living in Glasgow is the author of Mo'Adore a lifestyle blog packed with recipes, posts about where to get vegan food, restaurant reviews and tips and tricks for living a vegan lifestyle. Morag also blogs about cruelty free make-up and beauty products.


Vegan In Brighton

Jojo likes to travel and has taken her vegan eating all over Europe and North America - so she's great at recommending restaurants and cafes and talking about the vegan culture in different countries. But there's plenty about Brighton too.



Purely Amy

After suffering bulimia in her late teens, Amy developed a strained relationship with food and her health. But learning about nutrition and how the body ‘works’ in relation to it gave her more confidence. In 2016 she transformed her diet and blog into a plant-based lifestyle, so now she offers vegan nutritional advice.


The Vegan Larder

Vanessa and Louise work with caterers and food stores to bring the best plant-based options to consumers, as well as having extensive knowledge of whole food and health-based trends. As the force behind The Vegan Larder (previously a blog known as Poppy and the Bees) they’re continuously creating new plant-based dishes and experimenting with recipes.


Rhian’s Recipes

Rhian makes ‘undetectably vegan’ and gluten-free recipes. She’s a half-Japanese, half-British Cambridge graduate in her 20s.

Being lactose-intolerant, she found so many advantages to eating more plant-based meals – finding them quicker and easier to prepare, not to mention all the health perks.

Her vegan recipes are inspired by Japanese cuisine (learned from her mother) and because of a family history of Type 2 Diabetes, the majority of her desserts are free from refined sugar.