Ten steps to starting your gym journey

Ten steps to starting your gym journey

So you can’t wait to begin working on a new you.

But if you don’t set about your gym journey in the right way, it could be over before you’ve even got started.

Doing it right is important, and we’ve put together ten steps to increase your chances of success at working out.


  1. Use the induction

It is a demonstration of the equipment and sets you a basic programme to get started. So don’t ditch it.


  1. Go in with a plan

Doing the wrong exercises can be just as harmful as doing nothing at all. So don’t try to wing it.


  1. Thirty minutes is enough

Once you start training, it’s quality that matters – not the hours you put in. So build up gradually, as you get more experienced.


  1. Don’t limit yourself to cardio

Once we hit the age of 30, we gradually start losing muscle, so resistance training is a must.


  1. Start with machine weights

Until you feel comfortable and have a better understanding of what your body is capable of, stick to the machines. Free weights can wait.


  1. Invest in a trainer

Take up at least one session every couple of months, to assess whether you’re doing the right exercises to achieve your goals.


  1. Don’t get too heavy

Start with light weights, to reduce the chances of injury, and build up from there. Don’t be a hero!


  1. Avoid the influence of others

There are too many gym bunnies who want to give you advice they’ve read in a magazine, or heard from a friend. Listen only to the expert trainers.


  1. Do some classes

Keep a varied timetable to prevent yourself getting bored and giving up.


  1. Don’t be self conscious

Your fellow gym-goers are far too absorbed in their own routines to be looking at what you’re doing or wearing.