The Importance of Protein

The Importance of Protein

At musclemary® we’re always stressing the importance of protein – after all, we believe in our products, and we know their benefits to health and fitness. But let us explain why, by answering a few common questions people ask about protein.


What does protein do for my body?

Protein’s primary function is growth and repair of tissues and cells. When we exercise (or even just move around, pretending to exercise!) we are breaking down muscle tissue. This needs to be repaired through a process called protein synthesis, which unsurprisingly requires protein.

Protein also has a number of other functions - like transporting nutrients, energy production and antibodies which fight bacteria are proteins. Enzymes, which almost all metabolic processes are dependent on are also proteins.


Where should I get my protein?

We recognise that our clients are not all Vegan and we are not here to judge personal choice. Animal products such as meat, eggs and fish are all high in protein. However, for those who have chosen a plant-based diet for health or ethical reasons, the good news is there is still a wide variety of protein options such as lentils, nuts and beans.


So where does musclemary come in?

It can be difficult to get the required amount of daily protein through food alone, particularly when following a plant based diet, so we recommend using our not just protein supplement range. Using this in a shake or in one of our recipes is a great way of upping your protein intake. Furthermore, you get the extra benefits of the B vitamins, vitamin C, CLA and Glucomannan contained within our products.


Why plant protein – and not whey protein?

musclemary® not just protein™ has a combination of pea and white hemp protein. But a lot of supplements you’ll find on the market contain whey protein, which is essentially filtered milk. This is obviously not suitable when following a Vegan diet.

Whey protein can be difficult to digest for certain individuals, because it contains lactose, and is often filled with artificial sweeteners.

Our plant protein, on the other hand, does not contain lactose. We have consciously built our products to have with no added sugar and use the natural sweetener stevia.


How much daily protein do I need?

We recommend using not just protein™ once per day, as part of a diet which is rich in nutrition from wholefoods. The amount of protein you need will vary depending on height, weight and activity. As a general rule suggests:

  • If you are an athlete or highly active person attempting to lose body fat while preserving lean muscle mass, a daily intake of 1.5-2.2 grams per kilo of bodyweight (0.68-1g per lb) is a good goal.
  • If you are sedentary and not looking to change body composition, a daily target of 0.8 grams per kilo bodyweight (0.36g per lb) is a good goal.


Won’t it bulk me up/make me fat?

The majority of people are deficient in protein, because of a few myths -  like you will look like Arnold Schwarzenegger if you have a protein shake, or you will put on excess fat.

We can assure you that a high protein diet won’t make you look like a bodybuilder or gain weight. This only occurs if you exceed your overall energy balance of more calories consumed than burned.


Hopefully you’ve found this helpful and can’t wait to get started on maximising your health and fitness. 

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