Why girls should lift weights!

Why girls should lift weights!

Many women often feel intimidated or scared by the weights section in the gym. This is often due to the fact that men tend to primarily train in this area and the fact that the weights do look pretty terrifying and daunting if you haven’t used them before. Not to mention the underlying fact that many women think lifting weights will cause them to look ‘bulky’.

Resistance weights partnered with a good amount of protein intake make up the fundamentals for building womanly curves in all the right areas; bum, bingo-wings, legs and shoulders. That’s right – lifting weights can actually create a lean, toned physique which inevitably will make you look tighter, fitter with lean muscle mass all over rather than a bulky, masculine physique.

Weight lifting can impact women’s lives in so many beneficial ways and once it’s combined with a healthy diet and a good quality source of protein you can achieve the body shape you desire. Here are the main reasons women should lift weights.

Create the physique you want

As you build lean muscle mass, your body will begin to turn into a lovely hourglass shape. Your shoulders and glutes will grow and your stomach and waist will shrink. Endurance or cardio based exercise can help you to lose weight but it also will cause you to lose muscle tissue alongside fat loss. However, resistance training (aka weight training) can help create and sustain your new curves whilst continuing to lose body fat.

Acts as a stress release

Researchers have found that those who weight train regularly tend to manage stress better whilst experiencing fewer adverse reactions to stressful situations. It is important to get your magnesium intake in though – as you lose magnesium through sweat so can therefore become depleted with regular resistance training or stressful situations in your life. By adding a supplement form of magnesium into your diet mixed with regular weight training sessions you will reap the benefits of reduced stress levels

Faster fat loss

It may surprise you that weight lifting can actually burn fat more efficiently and faster than cardio based exercises. Running for hours on end can be very detrimental to the body as it puts you under intense stress. By swapping to an hour of weight lifting it will help get your heart rate up, tone your body, reduce stress as well as promoting fat burning for up to two days after your workout.

Increasing energy levels

 Exercising can increase your energy levels for hours after you finish training. Lifting weights strengthens our circulation and our heart muscle which in return will help to improve our energy levels. You will also benefit from a rush of endorphins after exercising – also known as the happy hormone meaning you will feel livelier as well.


Promotes healthy bones

It’s not just aesthetically strength training can help. Weightlifting also promotes healthy bone density meaning you’re likely to suffer osteoporosis and bone fractures as we age and the protein addition helps keep skin, hair and nails radiant and stronger.