our story

At musclemary®, we love all things clean, healthy and fun. Driven by a desire for lean and green products that taste good, our founders decided to embark on a mission to create a collection of plant based superfood proteins that have multiple benefits all contained in a single supplement.

Tired of having to buy and mix a multiple of different supplements rather than one easy to use one, and facing the disappointment of finding out that our favourite tasting supplements had whopping amounts of added sugar, we wanted to make something that we could trust 100% to be healthy and clean.



our products

Our not just protein.™ range is the culmination of those efforts. Using a formula of clean pea and white hemp protein to support muscle repair and function, together with a signature superfood blend, sourced from the purest and highest quality sources, a lean mix of CLA, Glucomannin and Matcha, together with optimum doses of vitamin C and vitamin B complex, not just protein.™ provides the ultimate formula for staying lean and healthy. With no added sugar, and from mostly organic sources, each of our ingredients have been selected and curated for their individual and synergistic benefits.

Our Founders


Dr. David Jack

Dr. David Jack is a medical doctor and member of the Royal College of Surgeons. Having trained in surgery, he now runs a busy clinic specialising in anti-ageing in London’s Harley Street and is regularly featured in the UK and international press. David is an international key opinion leader for several companies in the anti-ageing sector and teaches both in the UK and internationally on anti-ageing. He has made several TV appearances in the last few years including Don't tell the doctor. David has an interest in how diet impacts on ageing and has been heavily involved in the formulation of all musclemary® products.


Stuart Jack

Having initially completed an MA with Honours in Business Management, from Glasgow University, Stuart spent 6 years working in investment banking. However, not content with sitting at a desk all day he returned to University to complete an MSc in Sports Psychology and work towards a full-time career in health and fitness.  Stuart is now a qualified personal trainer, nutrition coach and sports massage therapist and runs a boutique fitness studio in central Scotland.  Stuart has an interest in sport’s nutrition, including how diet can be used to alter body composition and overall health.  These interests have been key in formulating musclemary® products.